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La ralentie
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All lyrics and music by
Guillaume Ollendorff except:

Kaputt—title and idea taken from CurzioMalaparte’s book Kaputt, written in 1944.

La ralentie—text taken from a poemby Henri Michaux (in Plume, 1938,
Gallimard, Paris).

Negativ Nein—lyrics from a song by Einstürzende Neubauten and sounds
taken from Man with a plan, on Norscq’s album 5 Streams (OS.018— guitar: Arnaud Durand, bass: Norscq, percussions: Nicolas Lelièvre).

Composed & built with a laptop and a
microphone during March—April, 2007
in a noisy room in Berlin, Germany.

Rearranged in Paris, June, 2007. Mixed
and mastered by Norscq, late June—
July, 2007.

Avec le concours du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Alsace

1- Kaputt
2 - Motto

3- La ralentie
4 -Peculiar Noise Loop
5 -Negativ Nein
6 -Hübsche Musik
7 -Such a Thing
8 -Car Song

a big thanx to norsq the musician
therapist I don't think I would have achieved it without you.
Thanx & Love to Servo, Julia Borchert, Tim Hecker,
Cristelle Barillon & JD, Christina Ribes, Mathieu Tank,
Olivier & Anne, Adeline for their mental support.
Respect to the Optical Sound crew.
Graphic design & photos:
Claire Moreux & Olivier Huz, Lyon
Smashed car & spotlights installations:
courtesy students of Besaçon Art School

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