OS.045 10" EP VINYL (ltd to 500 ex))----- --- --- Out of Stock
JG Thirlwell and Fred Bigot
Hydroze Plus

Hydroze Plus (OS.045)
JG Thirlwell (Foetus)
Fred Bigot (Electronicat)
10" LP Clear Vinyl + 4 colors Silkscreen on transparent + Offset R/V Print
All in Clear Hard PVC Plasticbag, definitively a rare and unique release.

Face A
1. Overcoat (4'45)
2. Belladonna (4'18)
(CalmCalm remix by Fred Bigot)

Face B
3. Epi-Dose (4'18)
(Overcoat remix by JG Thirlwell)
4. CalmCalm (5'36)

Hydroze Plus is Fred Bigot : instruments & music
JG Thirlwell : vocals & lyrics
Composed by Fred Bigot (GEMA) and JG Thirlwell (Ectopic Music)
Recorded at Nolite Studio, Berlin, 2005-2009 with
additional recording at Self Immolation Studios, Brooklyn.

Sleeve designed by JG Thirlwell
Mastered by Norscq

Merci à Jeff Fisher, Catriona Shaw, Can Oral, Laura Lindgren,
Ken Swezey, Heung-Heung Chin.
Produced by Hydroze Plus
OS-045, 2010

Press files

This is the special signed and numbered version

OS.045 10" EP VINYL (ltd to 500 ex))----- --- --- - - Sold out - 30 euros + postage
JG Thirlwell and Fred Bigot SIGNED by artists AND NUMBERED .../23~ version
Hydroze Plus