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Eddie Ladoire
Always the beginning
WORLD + 4€

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1 Jude
2 New York
3 Here and there
4 June
5 Les rites funéraires
6 Pian
7 Mademoiselle
8 Pain_2

Judith Gars, Céline Deriaud, Marta Jonville, Charlotte Laubard, Rémi Ladoire, Alexandre Cardin, Jean-Rémi Cabane.

MASTERING : David Trescos

THANKS : Pierre Beloüin, Bruno Letort (Tapage nocturne on France Musique) Sébastien Roux, Philippe Frank, Patrick bouvet, Perret and Fermis Family, Céline, Charlotte, Marta, Alexandre, Jean-Rémi and Julie, Claire Moreux & Olivier Huz, David Trescos, and many more.Special thanks to Judith Gars.

New-York photographs by Gerald Petit
Graphic design by Olivier Huz, Lyon

ltd edition of 300 ex