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Clair Obscur
We Gave a Party for the Gods and the Gods all Came

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1 Es War
2 It’ll Be Allright
3 Rain
4 Cry No More
5 I Hope You’re Fine (for A)
6 This Song Is For You GPO
7 Mon Ami Mon Frère
8 Blume
9 The Last Encounter
10 Decades

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 Music & lyrics by Christophe Demarthe.
8, 9 Music & lyrics by Thierry Damerval, Christophe Demarthe, Nicolas Demarthe.
4 Music & lyrics by Poison Girls.
10 Music & lyrics by Joy Division.

For this project Clair Obscur were
Christophe Demarthe Vocals, programming, keyboards
Nicolas Demarthe Guitars, bass guitar, keyboards
Bruno Dupont Drums, keyboards
Sabine Martel Backing vocals on It’ll Be Allright
Aline Montfort Flute on Blume

Recorded and mixed by Bruno Dupont at Studio du Bras d’Or (Boulogne-sur-Mer)
in August-October 2008.
4, 8 Voice recorded by Mathieu Farnarier.
Mastering by Norscq.
The album title is a reference to John Giorno’s print.

Design by Pascal Béjean and Nicolas Ledoux.
B/W photography by Pascal Béjean.
Color photography by Florence Lebert.
Many thanks to Sandy Amerio, Pascal Béjean,
Pierre Beloüin, Bruno Dupont, Mathieu Farnarier, Guillaume Gesquière, John Giorno,
Lionel Grosheny, Jean-Dominique Grossard, Florence Lebert, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Alex Louis,
Sabine Martel, Aline Montfort, Norscq, Joachim & Nadine Vorwerk.


Avec le concours du Conseil Régional de Picardie,
du Conseil Général de l’Oise et de la DRAC Alsace.


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