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Jérôme Poret
Weather Dust Storm Report
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Weather Dust Storm Report
Double CD compilation album of sounds extracted from installations,
Live performances and sound pieces realized since 2004.

Overview of a larger production, which is recounted
In the catalogue Weather Dust Storm Center. Published
By Le Gac Press and
downloadable on Art, Book, Magazine

Jérôme Poret - exhibition He whose face
gives no light shall never become a star,
Musée de L’Hospice Saint Roch, Issoudun

Graphic Design www.bejean-ledoux.fr
assisted by Ignacio Cerdá Carbonell

Mixing and engineering
Jérôme Poret

Kerwin Roland

This double album is produced in partnership with Établissement Public
De Coopération Culturel d’Issoudun, Région Centre and the State,
With the support of the Musée de L’Hospice Saint Roch

Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or rerecording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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