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."Flying Over Banugues"

Flying over Bañugues is a homage to Bañugues, the village where Daniel Romero Calderon spends all his holidays, in the north of Spain.
This musical Toy Story, haunted by the phantom of Brian Wilson, is a sonata for guitar and casio ; it is a pure Lo-Fi artifact, mixing pop pastorale with sweet electronica.
.Tape. operates in a world of micro-ideas and mini-songs where the use of copy/paste leads to sound explosions, stars and rainbows.

.Tape. likes lo-fi for some reasons :

1. He is a pop freak loser.
2. He does not have enough money to buy good equipment.
3. He enjoys making music with little.
4. .Tape music was created in his bedroom.
5. Some of the songs of .Tape are love songs but they remain very personal.

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19 Tracks
total lenght 70'24

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