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Display Parties !

A video compilation

A necessary classic : the sampler.

With Display Parties ! we wanted to produce something other than an audio compilation wich would introduced the artists from Optical Sound and Aspic Records.

Their music is wonderful and so are the pictures in their mind !

We chose the CD-Rom format because it was cheaper than Dvd and therefore more democratic (or so we hope). The result is surprising. The stereotypes associated with the electronic music were blown away and we achieved a variety of styles. Here are a couple of examples : 3D animation (Figurine), flash animation (Mumbleboy), experiments on Nato.0+55 (Kurt Ralske), Super8 (Fingernail).

It is so cool to show what we’ll never see on MTV !


Bidibop : Feedin' Back
Carpet Musics : Bathrobe
Darky : Startree
E*Rock : Places
Figurine : IM.Possible
Fingernail : Tiger Claw
Palm : Every Star May Be a Sun to Someone
Kurt Ralske : Endmotion
Frz, Blue Baboon & Etereo Expandeum Club :
Two String Serenade
Cheetah Chrome
Lucasz Kamil Lysakowski : Blue
Phlegm : Bristol Mix
Schneider Tm & Kpt. Michigan : Light 3000
Ultra Milkmaids : Lands-Realit.Y.00
Vance Orchestra : Extrapool (extract)